Strengthen skills and increase confidence in writing

Writing Classes


Strong writing skills are important!  Confidence in writing equips students for school, fosters personal growth, and prepares them for life in the kingdom of God.  Our writing classes assist parents with teaching writing at home and equipping their students with a firm foundation in writing.

In class, students enjoy a fun weekly session where they are introduced to new concepts, work with classmates on the beginning steps of writing projects, and practice learning in a structured classroom setting.  At home, parents work with students to complete writing assignments, providing individual instruction along the way.  Class enrollment includes lots of support for parents, with a planning meeting in the fall, extensive class handouts, and teacher support all year.

Class Goals
• Admire and explore God’s rich and intentional design of our language
• Strengthen writing skills
• Experience learning in a structured classroom setting
• Support parents in teaching writing at home

Class Sequence

101  Writing with Literature – grades 3-5
102  Writing and Publishing Stories – grades 4-6
201  Countries and Creatures – grades 5-7
202  Writing Cornerstone: Exploring Oregon – grades 6-8
301  True Stories – grades 7-9
302  Writing Cornerstone: Discovering English – grades 8-9+

2017-18 Dates

Sept 19, 20 – Class begins
Sept 21, 25, Oct 9 – Parent meetings
Nov 21, 22 – Thanksgiving break
Dec 7, 8 – Holiday Bookmaking
Dec 19 – Jan 3 – Christmas break
Mar 20 – 28 – Spring break
May 21 – Presentation Night
May 22, 23 – Last class and yearbook party


Each class meets for two hours, once a week, from mid-September through late May.  Enrollment is for the entire school year.

Registration begins in April, and remains open for each class until it is full.  Families who register by May 31 receive a spring registration discount.

For new students, contact Telisa to request an application.  This form includes a questionnaire for parents and a student writing sample.  Once she receives your application, Telisa will contact you to schedule a new student interview.  This appointment provides the parent and student an opportunity to see the classroom, look over class materials, and discuss potential class placement.  At that point, if it looks like the class is a good fit, seats can be held by submitting the registration form and registration fee.

New student application and interview:  Free
Annual registration:  $75 by May 31 (or $95 after)
Class:  $525 (100 level) or $595 (200 and 300 level) per year; a monthly payment option is available

Cost includes:
– Tuition (30 two-hour class sessions)
– Curriculum
– Ongoing support for parents
– Personal grading time for the student (outside of class)
– Year-end Presentation Night

Additional costs:  student’s personal materials (3-ring binder, dividers, paper, pencils), possibly books to purchase or reserve from library
Optional costs:  monthly payment fee, yearbook, field trips

Students and Parents
The classes are best suited for families who…
• Have a strong heart for the Lord and understand what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Parents should fully support our Statement of Faith and desire instruction based on these principles.
• Desire strength in writing and are eager to develop these skills.
• Have a parent who teaches with a hands-on approach, a willing student, and the ability to work closely together.
• Have a student who is able to focus and work productively and respectfully with peers in a group setting.
• Are able to commit to a two-hour weekly class and about 45 minutes a day at home for assignments.  While not required, parents are welcome to sit in for class.

Class Placement
Students are placed in class by writing ability, maturity level, and other factors, such as fit with an existing class group and understanding of God’s Word.

Young students are ready to start the first class when they…
• Have maturity to focus, support others, and work productively in a group setting
• Have developed the ability to learn by listening in a group setting (or have a parent who will sit in for class)
• Can write complete sentences independently (parents can help with spelling and mechanics)
• Are able to string sentences together in a logical order